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Theme: Achieving universal health coverage: The role of hospital and administrative pharmacists

August 6 – August 10, 2024

Giant Strides by AHAPN

Read about the achievements of AHAPN since inception.


To maintain high standard of professional ethics and discipline among members.


Providing sound, excellent pharmaceutical care, and rational drug therapy to Nigeria’s teeming population

About Ahapn

The Association of Hospital and Administrative Pharmacists of Nigeria (AHAPN) is the parent body of all pharmacists in hospital and administrative practice in Nigeria.

With a membership of over 7,000 pharmacists, our members work in private and public hospitals, including tertiary hospitals, regulatory agencies like NAFDAC, Pharmacists Council of Nigeria, corporate clinics including those of NNPC, Chevron, Military and Paramilitary, Universities health Centers and so on.

AHAPN is a technical arm of the Pharmaceutical Society of Nigeria, the umbrella of all pharmacists that practice in Nigeria. Our members are spread all over Nigeria. AHAPN is managed by an Executive Committee at the National level, and branches at the State level. We also have chapters at the level of individual hospitals.


AHAPN has a mission of providing sound, excellent pharmaceutical care, and rational drug therapy to Nigeria’s teeming population through the commitment, hard work and sheer determination of our members, some of whom have attained the status of consultant pharmacists, having passed the fellowship examination of the West African Post-Graduate College of Pharmacists, a regional professional group of pharmacists.

Aims & Objectives

  • To maintain a high standard of professional ethics and discipline among members.
  • To protect, project and harmonize the interest of its members, providing leadership that will enable pharmacist in organized healthcare setting provide high quality pharmaceutical care.
  • To conduct and collaborate with Government and Non-Governmental organizations in the field of operational Research, particularly in the areas of practice.
  • To pursue with vigor all matters relating to the welfare of its members.
  • To update the practice methods of members by organizing Seminars, Scientific Conferences and continuing Education programmes.
  • To establish and maintain cordial relationship with all other section of the PSN and other related Professional Bodies.

Brief Historical Background

The Association of Hospital and Administrative Pharmacists of Nigeria has a very rich, humble and proud beginning.

The Association of Nigerian Dispensers was formed in 1923 by hospital pharmacists. This later metamorphosed into the Pharmaceutical Society of Nigeria (PSN) in 1927. The present hospital group started as Nigerian Association of Hospital Pharmacists (NAHP) in 1983. It later became the Nigerian Association of Hospital and Administrative Pharmacists (NAHAP) when it was discovered that pharmacists in the Ministries, Departments and Agencies (MDAs), like pharmacist staff of the then Pharmacy Board of Nigeria (PBN) now Pharmacists’ Council of Nigeria (PCN), etc belonged to no technical arm of the PSN. However, the actual date in which NAHP changed to NAHAP is not known. It is probably in the early 90’s. The Association is now known and called Association of Hospital and Administrative Pharmacists of Nigeria (AHAPN).

Latest change in name was due to the new rule of Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC) to rename any non-governmental organization so as to exclude “Nigerian” as the first word. This was also to fulfill the requirement as an affiliate of Trade Union.

There was a little knowledge of the existence of the Association before 1989. There used to be a constant bashing, ridicule and embarrassment of the Hospital Pharmacists at PSN conferences for failure to be organized as other technical arms (Community and Industrial Pharmacists) were doing well and always gave reports of their activities. They also dominated the executive of PSN. However, a challenge was thrown to the then State Directors of Pharmaceutical Services and Pharmacy HODs in all the States to ensure a re-organization of NAHP and report to the 1989 PSN AGM in Kano. Still there was no forum for them to meet before the conference.

During the PSN conference in Kano in 1989, a meeting of all hospital pharmacists was called before the PSN’s Annual General Meeting (AGM), so as to make a report to the AGM. It was then decided that “Lagos People” should constitute a mini executive, since the PSN National Secretariat was based in Lagos and because NAHP had no money for scattered Exco to communicate or meet because there was nothing like GSM mode of communication during the period in question.

Mrs. Kolawole (who retired as DPS, Lagos State Ministry of Health in 2004) was made the Chairperson, while Pharm. Kayode Aiyegbajeje was mandated to be the Secretary. It was there and then that all Lagos State Pharmacy HODs pledged their support. All of them were more or less Executive members. Also, hospital pharmacists in Lagos State used to have monthly meeting of the HODs, though not as NAHP members.  This made things a lot easy. It was gathered that Pharm.Olu Olonite from Akure,  Ondo State handed over some few documents earlier collected from a pharmacist in Edo State to Pharm. Aiyegbajeje, the pioneer Secretary. They contained the addresses of several States DPSs and some government circulars.




Pharm.Olabode Ogunjemiyo FPSN

National Chairman

Pharm. Elechi Oyim , DSA

Deputy National Chairman

Pharm. Oladele Obikoya DSA

National Secretary

Pharm. Joseph Ole

Assistant National Secretary

Pharm. Oyinlade Kehinde 

National Treasurer

Pharm.Saheed A.Olanrewaju

National Finance Secretary

Pharm Alabi Zainab

National Publicity Secretary

Pharm. Hafsat Ahmed Abdullahi

National Internal Auditor

Dr. Francis Odigie

National Un-Officio Member I

Pharm. Uche Ezeh

National Un-Officio Member II

Dr. Kingsley Amibor

Immediate Past Chairman



C/o PSN Abuja Secretariat, Plot No 795 Cadestral Zone CO2 Gwarimpa 1 District, Opposite Life Camp Junction, Behind Skye Bank, off Efab Estate Road, Abuja, FCT.


PSN Secretariat: 32 Faramobi Ajike Street, Anthony Village, P.O Box 531, Mushin, Lagos, Nigeria.

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